Raj Banik

Owner, Candidly Speaking Imagery


I'm Raj; I'm an instrumentation and control systems engineer in Houston, TX by day - and a photographer by night. While I'm an engineer during normal business hours, I do freelance photography in my spare time so I can have a creative outlet. One could say it helps me keep balance in my life. 

Photography runs generations deep in my family; pretty much everyone on one side of my extended family has touched a camera at some point... so I suppose it wasn't too surprising when my father tasked me with learning how to operate a camera... by myself. That was back in 2009, and I haven't looked back since.

My one goal is to capture a fragment in time. Candids are what I do best - so I named my company Candidly Speaking Imagery. Welcome to my world - see things the way I see them.


  PC: Jeena Mathew

  PC: Jeena Mathew